Teh Best Day Ever
Pure Pwnage episode 10 - "Teh Best Day Ever" original web series

Pure Pwnage episode 10 - "Teh Best Day Ever" original web series

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Teh Best Day Ever is the tenth episode of season one of the Pure Pwnage web series.



Jeremy begins the show with a homage to Strong Bad E-Mails from the Homestar Runner Internet series. Jeremy and Kyle have moved out of their mother's house, and are living in their own spartan apartment.

Jeremy has been unable to play video games, due to the lack of a powerful PC or a television for console gaming. Instead, Jeremy focuses on improving his RL skills, such as cooking and holding a job, though he fails at each endeavour. Doug comes over as an attempt to cheer Jeremy up, but their fun is short-lived as Anastasia arrives and gets into an argument with Jeremy. Jeremy becomes depressed and joins MySpace and claims he doesn't want to work on the show anymore. But when a touching e-mail reminds him of the many lives that find inspiration in Pure Pwnage, he realizes the futility of his self-defeating attitude. He eventually steals his powerful PC from his mother and makes up with Anastasia with a kiss.


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