The Pure Pwnage logo, along with the signature "pwning" motion

Pure Pwnage is a globally popular internet web series started in 2004 by Jarett Cale and Geoff Lapaire. The show stars Jeremy (Jarett Cale), a pro gamer who becomes involved in various exploits, all of which are taped by his brother Kyle (Geoff Lapaire). Along the way, they make new allies and play video games. The show currently spans eighteen episodes, a spin-off series, and various other shorts, bloopers, and musicals. The show was picked up for a season by Showcase to be made into a TV Series.


  • Kyle - Geoff Lapair
  • Dave - Dave (himself)
  • "Tagi" Anastacia - Miranda Plant
  • "Teh_Mast3rer" - Geof Lapair
  • "T-Bag" Terrence Brown - Troy Dixon

Episode ListEdit

  • TV Series -
  • Feature Film -

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