Old Habits
Pure Pwnage episode 13 - "Old Habits" original web series

Pure Pwnage episode 13 - "Old Habits" original web series

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Old Habits is the first episode of season two and the thirteenth episode of the Pure Pwnage web series.


This episode is shot in reverse order. It begins with Jeremy's younger self playing with a NES Controller and meeting Doug who is playing with a NES Zapper. The scene is set previous to the pilot episode with Jeremy wearing his old ubergamer shirt. Kyle needs some footage for his University course and makes a deal with Jeremy to be filmed for one day, saying at the end "Nothing bad will come of it". A montage, reminiscent of the Lost intro, showing the season's previous greatest moments ends with Jeremy awake in his bed the same way he did in episode one. He talks about waking up after his "near-pwned experience"—a reference to the cliffhanger ending the previous episode.

Due to his gaming skill, Jeremy quickly finds himself in the possession of an Xbox 360 and a Wii; however he seems to lose interest in this after receiving a package from EA with the latest installment of the Command & Conquer series, Tiberium Wars. After playing Tiberium Wars, he gives a monologue on how he would have never survived without his friends and Dave appears behind him saying "Hey guys, stew's done, just the way you like it". The episode then continues from the end of Episode 12, with Dave appearing to save Jeremy from The Big Bad. When Dave uses his micro on Doug, his blaster pistol fires, killing or incapacitating Big Bad with a headshot. However, Jeremy was hit by a micro blast from The Big Bad and is carried out by Dave.

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