As of November 15th, 2007; fifteen episodes has been released onto the internet and eight episodes of a TV series commissioned by Showcase.

According to show creator Geoff Lapaire, three seasons consisting of twelve episodes each are planned to be released, with the possibility of a feature film aswell.

The first season is available on DVD.

Web seriesEdit

Season 1Edit

1x01 - Life of a Pro Gamer
1x02 - Girls
1x03 - FPS Doug
1x04 - Pwn or be Pwned
1x05 - M8s
1x06 - Imapwnu of Azeroth
1x07 - MMO Grrl
1x08 - Lanageddon
1x09 - The Story of Dave
1x10 - Teh Best Day Ever
1x11 - [[I <3 U IN RL]]
1x12 - Game Over (season finale)

Season 2Edit

2x01 - Old Habits
2x02 - Lifestyles
2x03 - T-Bag
2x04 - Duty Calls
2x05 - Just The Guys: Part 1
2x06 - Just The Guys: Part 2

It should be noted that after Season 2 Episode 6, the actor playing T-Bag died in a car accident. Since then, they have stopped releasing new internet episodes. A short time later, the creators met with TV executives (like Season 1 Episode 12) and now Pure Pwnage is actually a TV show in Canada[1]

Television seriesEdit

1x01 - The Life of a Pro Gamer
1x02 - Jobs
1x03 - Girls
1x04 - Rock On
1x05 - Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Doug?
1x06 - The Day the LAN Centre Stood Still
1x07 - Losing to a n00b
1x08 - Pwnageddon

Film Edit

Geoff Lapaire, the show creator, has stated that he intends to make a feature film from the show.