Anastasia (Tagi)
Anastasia wearing her 3-hearts shirt
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Early 20s

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Preferred game


  • World of Warcraft
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Jeremy, her WoW Guild



Miscellaneous info
First appearance

Episode 2 (off camera), Episode 6 (on camera)

Last appearance

Episode 17 (on camera), Episode 18 (in photograph)


Miranda Plant

Anastasia (online handle Tagi) (Miranda Plant) is Jeremy's love interest on Pure Pwnage. First hinted at in episode 2 and shown in episode 6, she does in-game raids with her guild in the massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) World of Warcaft (WoW). Anastasia is shown to take WoW very seriously, ranting about her guild-mates more than oncHer relationship with Jeremy starts in World of Warcraft and they eventually move in with each other as the series progresses. Because of Anastasia's commitment to WoW, her free-spirited nature, and Jeremy's intense training, their relationship has been strained numerous times.

So far throughout the series, she has been known to only play World of Warcraft. The only exception to this is when Jeremy obtains a Nintendo Wii which he takes back to Anastasia's house, they play Wii sports in which Anastasia loses every game much to her chagrin. She is also known to play DS games, which titles are yet unknown.

She interacts with Jeremy off-camera in Episode 2 "Girls", but the audience never sees her meet him until Episode 6 "Imapwnu of Azeroth". She plays World of Warcraft under the pseudonym "Tagi". In Episode 14 "Lifestyles", Jeremy decides to delete her character in World of Warcraft after it becomes apparent that Anastasia has become addicted to it. Anastasia and Jeremy have different views about video games, as she believes they should be social, not just about pwning noobs. In Episode 12 "Game Over", it is revealed that she has turned into a vegetarian because of the health benefits. In Episode 17 "Just the Guys Pt. 1", Jeremy sees Anastasia dancing with a guy, when she told him she was going for a "girl's night out." This ultimately leads to their break up.

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